Agents of Chaos arise in Fecilla, and a new area!

Unity Grunts_waifu2x_art_noise3_tta_1 (1).png

Signs of Danger in Fecilla

The Unity Conglomerate are a mysterious force of private agents who look to revive the fallen god of war Tigrate, and the ancient idol of peace Paxaderm. Though their plans for the two legendary Pokemon are unknown, their methods for acquiring them have grown more and more aggressive.


A new area to explore in Fecilla, split between a beautiful resort, to a muddy swamp village!

Hiad and Delmossi.png

Hiad Town, a beautiful resort constructed a few years ago by a wealthy entrepreneur beloved by many, and Delmossi Town, a swampy village ran by a lineage of psychics, that was moved out into the ocean due to construction work for Hiad Town. Now the psychics and entrepreneur are locked in a fierce conflict, bound to escalate until someone intervenes. Perhaps you could help?

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