Mega Evolution and new regional variants ahoy!

If you’ve seen some small teasers for some updates, Serenity has a big reveal for many new Mega Evolutions and new Regional Variants to add to the game for you guys to find!


Fecillian Parasect

Though considered incredibly dangerous due to the fungi that grows on it’s body, Fecillian Parasect are considered even more docile than their Kanto counterpart, though it’s assumed it’s due to the powerful hallucinogens it’s mushroom releases.


Mega Volcarona

It’s incredible flare and firepower has been infused with the power of the sun when undergoing Mega Evolution, creating an amazingly powerful bug only rumored in legend. It creates intense heat as an aura of protection.



Mega Persian and Alolan Persian

Through Mega Evolution, the two felines grow to a massive size and gain their own unique attributes and strengths.



Mega Persian gaining insane speed and sharp claws, and Alolan Persian gaining a soft, lush coat, both Mega Evolutions have their own unique niches to fill.

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