The First Official Update

Hello! This is Skurleton- here to share some new info on the development of my game, Pokémon Serenity!


We have some new info in terms of art! As you have probably noticed, we have some new members! First off, we have a new artist named Toxiquid (, who, alongside Saucy_Butter (, be handling the digital art, and Toxiquid made our our spiffy new logo and twitter banner AND designed the website, but will also make the official art alongside our current artists, which will be showcased later in this post.
For the new info, we have some new Pokemon to show off!
First is the new regional form of Blissey, aptly named “Chef Blissardee” in our development community. This will be a Fire/Normal variant with the abilities Competitive and Harvest! These variants have been known for their expensive taste and hard to surpass cheffing skills! And yes- the egg-shaped stone in Blissey’s pouch is now an actual egg.
Next, we have a teased variant from back when we initially announced this project- Ice/Flying Noctowl! This variant has been stuck in the high peaks of the Fecilla Region and has since adapted. Expect this one to be a nuisance with it’s speed and status moves.
And since there is a variant for Noctowl, might as well reveal Hoothoot! This is an Ice/Flying, with a very notable puff of feathers that trainers harvest to make coats.


All Pokemon art made by Toxiquid


Onto new characters, we have the Protagonists, Palmer and Cecilia! They are significant to the story in some way, but we won’t reveal that just yet. The sprites for these are in development, and will be showed off in a later update. Ezekiel, the competitive rival, was already teased in an earlier mini-update. He’s your childhood friend, but is always trying to reach the top of the trainer food-chain.



 All character art made by Saucy_Butter.



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