Pokémon Serenity



A brand new world for challengers of all types to explore!

Offering multiple challenges to overcome, and friends to meet along the way, this adventure through the Fecilla region offers a traditional Pokémon experience with twists along the way!

What’s on this site?

This site will host exclusive updates and images of Pokémon Serenity, so come here if you want the latest and greatest in news for the project!

To view new and shiny media for Pokémon Serenity in the Screenshots section of the site, or check for general updates for the site in the Updates section!

Interested in a position? 

Inquire me on Discord via sending me a Friend Request  (skurleton#2603) ! I usually am always on to see submissions to positions.

When applying, be sure to provide examples of your previous line of experience.

Current positions wanted: Programmer, Mapper




Lead Dev – Skurleton

Artists – Thuddgun, SleepLate, SaucyButter, NoNameDummy, Toxiquid

Game Balance – Craig, Blacklight, Hyperion, Fantos

Writer – Scott1337

Mapper – Chase

Special Work – Darius

Musician – Empty! Always accepting new members if you have what it takes.